I would highly recommend physical therapy given by Wendy M. Featherstone, P.T. for bladder control problems after prostate surgery. Following my surgery I attempted to control the bladder problems myself unsuccessfully.  When I began seeing Wendy, she gave me several physical exercises to perform during the day. Thanks to her treatment methods I went from using 8 to 10 large (filled) absorbent pads, to 1 to 2 real thin absorbent pads during the day, and at bed time no pads are used without bladder release. Thanks Again! - RM

After my prostate surgery, my physician recommended physical therapy to help me regain continence.  Wendy provided sound information and suggestions during a confusing and uncomfortable time.  I believe that my recovery time was shorter and I had a better result by learning the right exercises and techniques. - DM

I am 57 years old. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis three years ago and sent to a local Urologist. Over the next year and a half I was put on Elmiron, Atarax, Elavil, Allegra, Vicodin and weekly Heparin bladder instillations. I followed the recommended IC diet very strictly and rapidly lost 25 lbs. I tried physical therapy which made me much worse. I was not improving and had little, if any, quality of life. I felt weak, depressed and had no appetite. I only left the house when absolutely necessary. I couldn’t even carry on a normal conversation with friends or concentrate on a television show because my mind was always distracted by pain, pressure and worry. My first thought of the morning was, "How much pain will I be in today?" I spent my life on the sofa with a heating pad. My sons, and, most of all, my husband were suffering along with me. My husband and I hadn’t had intercourse in more than a year. When I spoke with my nurse/practitioner, her advice was, "You have to learn to live with it." Depression, pain, hopelessness and guilt brought me to the brink of suicide.

Then, while at a convention, my husband met a representative of the Interstitial Cystic Foundation. She recommended Dr. Mayer in Rochester, NY, who, in turn, referred me to a physical therapist, Wendy Featherstone, who specialized in pelvic disorders. I first met Wendy in May of 2007 for an evaluation. Using ultrasound, she taught me how to properly do Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles and reduce the spasms. As I drove home that day, I remember thinking, "Do I dare get my hopes up that I might someday function as a normal woman?"

I returned to Wendy the following week and noticed a lessening in the intensity of pressure and pain. After the second week, I was sure that I was feeling better. I started going out a little with my husband and from there on I slowly regained control of my life. I attended graduations, weddings and in August actually went to Disney World with my family. Meanwhile Wendy was very gradually adding more exercises to my daily routine and I just kept getting better and better.

I now see Wendy once a month and I can’t believe that I actually have my life back. I am still on the IC diet and will be for the rest of my life, but I now have the confidence to try new foods due to the knowledge that if I do flare, I can help control it. We travel frequently and if I do start having spasms, I know that I can now help myself by doing the exercises Wendy taught me. I feel better than I have in years. There is no way to put into words what Wendy has given me – my life back again. - CK

It has been 6 months since my radical prostatectomy.  Before I started my physical therapy I had a hard time controlling my bladder and was routinely going through 2-3 incontinent pads a day. My first appointment with Wendy was approximately 6 weeks post surgery.  It was then that she explained exactly what we hoped to accomplish and using ultrasound, showed me the muscle that we needed to isolate and strengthen so that it would do the job of helping to control the bladder.

The exercises she gave me to ranged from simple to extremely difficult, all working to strengthen the core muscles.  Wendy also gave me simple techniques to use that also helped.   I followed the exercises 3-4 times a week and I started seeing improvement right away.  After 3 months I reached a point where I could eliminate the pads altogether and now, after 6 months, I can say that I pretty much have full control back.

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is not the ordeal that it use to be.  The robotic surgery has a very high success rate and it allows you to recover quickly.  I was confident that the surgery would be successful and I wanted to do everything I could to conquer the incontinence problem. Wendy’s knowledge of the problem and understanding of the process helped me to get back to "normal" quickly.  I can’t thank you enough for your help and I would highly recommend your Physical Therapy practice to everyone who is recovering from Prostate Cancer Surgery.  What a relief it is to go through the day and not have to worry whether or not you will be incontinent. Thanks again. - FM

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